Sunday, 19 April 2015

Sharrow Vale Market

I have the privelidge of living minutes away from a fantastic market on Sharrow Vale Road. I visited last Sunday afternoon, the sun was shining, the smell of good food was lingering in the air...perfect! It's not my first visit to it certainly won't be my last! There is a fantastic range of stalls everything from crafts to cupcakes and you can guarantee you will find a hidden gem along the way. 
Lily Moore Interiors was one of my favourites, her stall was crammed with beautiful vintage goodies that were to die for. If I had the money I would have bought it all! You can see from the pictures below just how fantastic her stall presentation was and it was a winner for me, not only is her stall to die for, she has a little shop situated on Sharrow Vale Road and I didn't know it was there, I've certainly been missing out. Not only are her goods perfect for your home they can make fantastic gifts too and I know some of my girlies would love anything from this store. 
If you live in Sheffield do go and visit, I promise, you won't be disappointed!

                                                                     Lilly's store






Monday, 13 April 2015

iPad mini

So excited about this purchase this week, I've been wanting one for quite some time now! I went for the iPad mini as it was way cheaper and I'm not too fussy about things such as resolution etc. But I have to admit it was the perfect purchase for me especially around uni.
I also managed to get a package which included Microsoft Office and it was rather cheap too, again, another essential for past year has sadly been spent on Google docs. So hurray! However, if you follow me on Twitter you will know I had a nightmare with setting it up, but it wasn't a fault of Microsoft my laptop is just extremely poo at software updates...sorry Microsoft help guy!!
Hopefully, my iPad will also give me more time to blog on-the-go.

Did the iPad change your blogging routines?

Happy Sunday! 

Rach x 

Sunday, 12 April 2015

The Easter Holidays

I've actually been quite busy over the holidays and had some time to catch up with the family which is quite rare for me! I managed to grab a few days off work so got the train home for a short stay. We went to the metro centre and I bought some goodies with the little money that I had!

My biggest TV Show fandom!
Primark: £6
So cute for the summer!
Collectables: £3.99
The first of my holiday purchases!
Primark: £3
My beautiful dress bought from my boyfriend for my holidays!
The dress at the bottom wasn't bought at the metro, it was a present from my boyfriend for my holidays and a super late valentines present haha, he's still waiting for one of his Christmas ones!
Karine visited me in Sheffield the following week and we had a lovely few days in the sun with a BBQ in the garden and ice cream round the local parks - so happy the sun is showing its face again. It also meant I could get some washing dried properly!! haha. If you get the chance try Baskin and Robins ice-cream, one word, amazing!! So many flavours to choose from I was so impressed.

Blue raspberry sherbert with star sprinkles

As its getting close to spring I'm soon going to be having a clear-out what would you bloggers suggest for selling items, eBay or Depop, let me know :)

What have you guys been up to this Easter?

Love Rachel x

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Art Therapy

This month I subscribed to a new magazine that I saw advertised on the TV. I have uploaded some pictures to my Instagram of the art that I have been doing during the week. You could call it art, but I prefer to call it adult colouring, honestly I love it!
For £2.99 an issue it is such a great pass time and has some fun ideas in for those who are crafty. I think these colourings would look so good framed or on uni pin boards - that's the reason why I'm so hooked I think.
I studied art in college and it gives me my creative side back that I used to love. Since coming to uni I have never really had time for it so I am so happy with my latest subscription. It's a nice to relax with, music on, candles on and colour!

If you're arty I would definitely recommend, if you subscribe you also get loads of free goodies!


Subscribe here:

Happy Easter everyone
Rach x