Monday, 1 December 2014

A day late but...It's the first day of Christmas!

We haven't had the snow yet and over the last week I've been catching some shots of the finishing Autumn fall. A gentle walk around my local park and the Botanical Gardens with my boyfriend was the perfect opportunity to catch the last of the season...there were squirrels everywhere - at this point my camera had died, typical! If you read my last post about my review on the Nikon D3200 these are the type of images you can expect from the camera :)

AHHHHH, it's finally the countdown to Christmas and Sheffield has definitely been full of the jingles and Christmas joys. My post might be one day late but it's the start of Christmas...a perfect excuse! The lights are beaming all around the city, the Christmas markets are up and running and of course the arrival of the Coca Cola Truck at Peace Gardens was today. I couldn't have imagined a better way to start December. 

The Doors are finally opened!
City Centre Christmas Tree

The Market Huts

Overlooking Peace Gardens

Holidays are coming!

Hope everyone is excited for Christmas!

Rach x