Sunday, 16 November 2014

New Camera!

My parents always struggle around Christmas time about what to buy for us all. This year they are taking us to Disney Land Paris!!! They told me a few months ago about the surprise that they were planning for myself and my two little brothers. The boys don't know that we are going, they find out on Christmas day, I'm so excited to see their reaction.
For the trip I bought a new nikon d3200, such a great camera for everyday photography. I would recommend it to anyone. I purchased it a few weeks ago, I had read some good online reviews and they are quite accurate!
It has built in features such as a fish eye editor meaning you wouldn't have to buy a separate lense for particular shots. It's lightweight and the clarity of the photos are amazing! The camera comes in red or black, I did prefer the red one as it is quite unique, however they had non left in stock so I settled for black.

After visiting Disneyland there will definitely be a post and photos spamming my blog and I'm planning to make a video diary as a thank-you to my parents.

If you've been to the resort before it would be great to hear what you thought about it  :)

PS- On a completely random note, I hope you've remembered to book your tickets for the Hunger Games, I'M SO EXCITED!

Rach x

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