Sunday, 19 October 2014

BOO! It's nearly Halloween!

In all honesty this week I've struggled to think of a blog post that I could share with you guys. So as it's upcoming to Halloween I've decided to share last years photos! It was my first Halloween that I have really celebrated all-out. My family don't really get into it and I was never allowed to trick or treat as a kid :(
Last year was my first year I even carved a Pumpkin, dedicated to my favourite Disney character Stitch (of course). My outfit was pretty basic, I went for a candy-skull approach although this year, I'm invited to a few parties, so I'll definitely be making more effort with my outfit. My friend Emily, looked amazing, you'll see her in the photos as a pumpkin! If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them - the more creative the better! I've been looking at some Halloween recipes to share on here, the cupcakes I have in mind are pretty cool, I have a few other themed goodies to try out, they'll be up here next week!
Whilst I'm sharing some photos, if you want to check out my Instagram, feel free! @rachelxsewell

What's your plans for Halloween?

Rach x

My and my housemates last year (minus Jordan)

The Pumpkins! Stitch is mine! (to the left) and Liza's Dragon

Me and Em at a uni Halloween party last year

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