Sunday, 12 July 2015

Ayia Napa

Ok, so I'm currently sat in the holiday blues :( I want to make this post about my holiday away with the girls. To say there was part of me that was unsure about going away, I now know I 100% made the right decision - I had the best time of my life.
Typical girl holidays include a lot of drink (ours most certainly did) but we made the effort every day to get up and do something, we were in Cyprus afterall. My highlight of the whole holiday was going scuba diving with Iona. I can't put into words how beautiful and clear the beaches are over there and it's refreshing to know that not all the world has beaches like England. This has been something I've wanted to do from such a small age and I knew I had to take the opportunity. It was hard to begin with, the nerves, the excitement, it made it hard to control your breathing but after a short practice I was under the Mediterranean Sea swimming with the fishes! 
Scuba diving wasn't the only thing we did, we did the 'crazy couch' water sport which is essentially a inflatable that you sit on attached to a speedboat. If you don't like getting wet this one isn't for you! I was a mess!! I lost my hair bobble, swallowed half the sea, had salt in my eyes, slavia all over my face, I must have look ridiculous, but so did the other girls too so it was alright (they'll kill me of they saw this haha)! 
If you go on holiday this summer do something amazing and make your holiday worthwhile, it's not too often I go abroad and this is definitely going to be my motto from now on. 






Hope your summer has started!!

Rach x 


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