Saturday, 1 August 2015

Tramlines Festival Sheffield

This was my second time at the inner city festival and it's such a great atmosphere. It has a very urban vibe and as there are so many locations the weather hardly effects the spirit. I went to the Peace Garden stage on the Saturday and then a few bars on the Sunday due to the rain. If you haven't been to a city festival I would certainly recommend if you don't like the thought of camping. If you book early enough you can get decent prices on hotels too. This festival doesn't have any age restrictions either (certain clubs may) be the outside venues were full of families too - a nice environment.
I preferred the line up last year but you cant turn down a festival, especially when its only a 30 minute walk from your house. I didn't manage to snap many pictures as I only braved my Samsung along with me as I know how much of a clumsy drunk I can be! haha
My highlight band was Smiling Ivy, if you are into music, check them out, they are worth a listen! A link to their Twitter is here:
They also have a gig lined up for the O2 in Sheffield in September, hopefully I will get my hands on some tickets.


Hope everyone had a fab weekend!
Rach x

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