Monday, 31 August 2015

The things I've learnt about uni.

1) Friends are so important
My first post is something which is quite close to me. At uni I know I definitely could have made the effort to be more sociable and it has reflected on my time at uni which is quite disappointing. I am now surrounded by some great friends but it's took time to get to this point. I think it's key to understand that not everyone will be your friend, however, freshers is a great starting point so just go for it! Don't hook to one person, surround yourself with a few, it's so easy to find out someone is not who you thought they were and can be super stressy if you have no one else to hang out with!
Make extra effort to stay in touch with your friends from home too, they'll always be there in your time of need, but it may also open your eyes to who is actually your friend - I've lost contact with some people that I never imagined I would!
2) Money
WHAT EVEN IS MONEY AT UNI? haha. You'll soon get used to praying for your next student loan instalment, it becomes a dependency but don't fear most people are in the same situation as you too. I'm a person who stresses easily so I took up a part time job to take the pressure off my money situation. I still live in my student overdraft but never mind - its nice to get a pay cheque at the end of the month. I spent farrrrrr too much at my first year freshers too, just take a considerable amount and don't try and blow the richness of your bank account all at once.
3) Uni itself
Ok, yes I paid £9000 per year, but is it worth it? In my opinion no, but the uni lifestyle is SO worth it. It's such a huge experience and you'll learn things about yourself that you never knew, I certainly have. If you think you were good at attending college or school, you'll soon learn how easy it is to have a cheeky skive for that 9am lecture...every week...for 3 years. But its not impossible to still pass (I'm living proof)
I hope you liked this weeks post, something different from me and I hope some freshers may find it a little reassuring! If you are starting uni in September have a fantastic freshers and first year!
Have a funny photo of me and my housemate paul dying from uni work

-Rach x

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