Sunday, 1 November 2015


This Halloween I didn't have a great budget and I really wanted to try something I haven't done in previous years. I tried latex and I picked this up from a local fancy dress shop for about £3.00, it doesn't smell to great but it really adds some great effects to your face. Luckily, I live with a make-up artist so I was able to have some guidance through the making of my zombie. I looked up a few images on google (which I suspect everyone does this time of year) just to grab some inspiration and the internet is such a great place to find this sort of stuff.
After layering loo roll on my face and plying/ripping with some tweezers it began to resemble flesh. I added a contact lense to my 'dead eye' and basically just worked with some make up that we have in the house to create the effect.
I also hand made a little floral headband similar to the ones I kept lusting over on my Instagram feed. I wasn't feeling too optimistic about my creativity, but it paid off and I'm even thinking about making one for my brothers wedding haha (minus the blood splats)
For little under £20, I was able to create a good Halloween face and despite not having a costume I still felt that I had made a reasonable effort.
Latex is definitely something I want to learn more about and I think I'll be doing some more experiments in the future.

Please excuse my terrible hair and bare face in the photographs.

Day 1

Day 2

Thanks for reading and Happy Halloween!

Rach x

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