Sunday, 5 April 2015

Art Therapy

This month I subscribed to a new magazine that I saw advertised on the TV. I have uploaded some pictures to my Instagram of the art that I have been doing during the week. You could call it art, but I prefer to call it adult colouring, honestly I love it!
For £2.99 an issue it is such a great pass time and has some fun ideas in for those who are crafty. I think these colourings would look so good framed or on uni pin boards - that's the reason why I'm so hooked I think.
I studied art in college and it gives me my creative side back that I used to love. Since coming to uni I have never really had time for it so I am so happy with my latest subscription. It's a nice to relax with, music on, candles on and colour!

If you're arty I would definitely recommend, if you subscribe you also get loads of free goodies!


Subscribe here:

Happy Easter everyone
Rach x

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