Sunday, 12 April 2015

The Easter Holidays

I've actually been quite busy over the holidays and had some time to catch up with the family which is quite rare for me! I managed to grab a few days off work so got the train home for a short stay. We went to the metro centre and I bought some goodies with the little money that I had!

My biggest TV Show fandom!
Primark: £6
So cute for the summer!
Collectables: £3.99
The first of my holiday purchases!
Primark: £3
My beautiful dress bought from my boyfriend for my holidays!
The dress at the bottom wasn't bought at the metro, it was a present from my boyfriend for my holidays and a super late valentines present haha, he's still waiting for one of his Christmas ones!
Karine visited me in Sheffield the following week and we had a lovely few days in the sun with a BBQ in the garden and ice cream round the local parks - so happy the sun is showing its face again. It also meant I could get some washing dried properly!! haha. If you get the chance try Baskin and Robins ice-cream, one word, amazing!! So many flavours to choose from I was so impressed.

Blue raspberry sherbert with star sprinkles

As its getting close to spring I'm soon going to be having a clear-out what would you bloggers suggest for selling items, eBay or Depop, let me know :)

What have you guys been up to this Easter?

Love Rachel x


  1. I love love love that little jar! So cute!
    Alex //

  2. I really love this black dress with the lace. It is so classy but has that little touch of the lace to make it special! I have nominated you for the Liebster award! =)

  3. Thank you Alex, it was a steal, I wish i bought some more in other colours now. & thank you Sarah I'll make sure I do that post, so nice of you to pick me x

  4. That jar is adorable!! And that dress is beautyyyful,plus FRIENDS is the best thing in existence so... ;P xoxox

  5. Haha I think I had a good shopping day this day :) wish I could get my hands on more f.r.i.e.n.d.s merchandise! Thanks for reading X