Sunday, 17 May 2015

Topshop ombré lips

After I finished my second year of uni I thought I would treat myself to a new lipstick. I don't tend to spend much on make up but I visited Topshop and fell in love with the colours they had. I'm a sucker for dark purple colours and originally I picked up one lipstick. Then I found the ombré selection and they were only £1 more and with student discount as well I had a cheeky 10% knocked off. I watched the Topshop video on YouTube to see how to apply the lipstick effectively and I quite like it so far, the colours match nicely and I feel I would buy the other combinations that they have to offer too. The product is quite long lasting but i feel my lips are dry after use, any recommendations?
If you do buy one of these do check out the video, it shows you some nice smokey eye looks that would go nicely with the lip effect, if only I was a make-up guru *sigh*






  1. Sounds,and looks really cool gal!! ombre lips are pretty awesome haha xx

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